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Lake Oswego High School Profile

Our Community

A beautiful lakeside community with mountain views, Lake Oswego is located ten miles south of Portland, Oregon. Primarily a residential community with a population of approximately 40,000, Lake Oswego features the best of two worlds: the sense of community and quality of life that are part of small-town living, as well as immediate access to a culturally vibrant, metropolitan city.

Our School

Lake Oswego High School is a four-year comprehensive public secondary school that offers a challenging course of study aimed at meeting the needs of a predominately college-bound student body. LOHS is accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. An alternating A day/B day schedule with four 90-minute classes daily is offered to all students. Extensive student activity programs include athletics, drama, music, dance, speech, clubs, and student government.

Read our full school profile in the PDF linked below.

Lake Oswego High School Profile