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Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways

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Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for college and careers. In addition to required courses, CTE students take specialized courses and have opportunities for internships, mentoring, and project-based learning.

CTE emphasizes real-world skills and practical knowledge in specific career areas, instilling a sense of preparedness and confidence in students for their future careers. Each year, LOSD reviews its CTE Programs of Study to expand opportunities at Lake Oswego and Lakeridge High School, ensuring they meet student interests and industry demand. Programs are developed with qualified teachers who have industry experience and are supported by appropriate facilities and equipment.

We offer CTE pathways in Marketing, Engineering, Culinary Arts, and Computer Science. A CTE Program of Study includes two or more courses within a student's career interest. These pathways connect high school classes to college, industry certifications, and careers. To become a “CTE concentrator,” a student must earn two or more credits in a single Program of Study, including at least one credit at the Intermediate or Advanced level.

CTE opportunities are open to all students, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, language ability, religion, or age. There are no barriers to enrollment or participation, and the District ensures that English language proficiency is not a barrier.

CTE credits are available starting in grade 9, sparking excitement and motivation in students to start their career journey early. Find our current CTE pathway course offerings in our high school curriculum guides.

Lake Oswego High School Curriculum Guide


Lakeridge High School Curriculum Guide