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What is Flexisched?

Flexisched is a way to schedule your support seminar time, in order to get help from your teachers.  It can be used for extra academic supports, make-up work and clubs, open study, and enrichment activities.

How to log in?

Go to the website: 

Then click login with Google (in red) 



Make sure you are logged into your SCHOOL account or you can’t log in! (If it doesn’t say LOHS, it’s the wrong site!)

Once you’re logged in, You’ll see your dashboard: 

  • You will see the support seminar classes you have that week in grey. 
  • If you see a red checkmark, a teacher requested you and you must go to that seminar.
  • A green icon indicates that you were requested as part of a group, and you can change your schedule if you have something else you need to do.

Here is how to schedule yourself:

    1. From your dashboard hit the pencil icon to open the schedule
    2. Next to FLEX you can click the dropdown menu and see all the teacher offerings and in parenthesis how many seats are available. 


  • Pro Tip: When you click the plus sign “Full Schedule” you can see all the options.
  1. Note the description section: this tells you about the Support Seminar.
  2. Once you have selected the support seminar you want for BOTH Tuesday and Wednesday, YOU MUST CLICK SAVE (this might mean you scroll down a tiny bit!

What do the colors mean? 


What else should I know?

  • You have until Monday at 4:00 to change or schedule yourself into a support seminar. If you don't, you will be scheduled to your Adviosry teacher (try to avoid this). 
  • You will get an email to your school account on Monday evening with your Support Seminar schedule for the week. 
  • You can only schedule one week at a time.
  • Flexisched is cool and attendance is taken so be sure to sign up and show up! 

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Still confused?

Here is a video on how to use Flexisched!

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