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LOHS Drama

About Our Drama Program

Lake Oswego's drama program offers a dynamic and engaging curriculum that nurtures students' theatrical talents through a progression of acting courses and various performance opportunities. Acting 1, open to all grades without prerequisites, introduces basic theater skills such as stage presence, movement, and vocalization through fun activities and acting experiences. Acting 2 builds on these foundations, offering expanded skills in movement, vocalization, dialects, and character study, including units on pantomime, voice-over acting, and hand-to-hand stage combat. Acting 3, available to upperclassmen who have completed Acting 2, delves into scene study, theater for film, sketch comedy writing, and group projects, providing a comprehensive and collaborative learning environment. Students develop a broad range of performance skills through these courses, preparing them for various roles and productions within the school's vibrant drama program.

Please see the Curriculum Guide for more information about courses and the school calendar for performances.

Information about upcoming performances coming this fall!