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LOHS Orchestra

About Our Orchestra Program

Lake Oswego's orchestra program offers a comprehensive and rigorous musical education for students with varying experience levels. The Philharmonic Orchestra, open to students in grades 9-12 with at least one year of instrument experience, emphasizes fundamental musicianship and performance skills by studying orchestral literature. The curriculum includes tone production, rhythm, finger and bowing patterns, articulation, scales, ear training, music reading, vocabulary, music theory, and music history. Students are required to attend after-school rehearsals and performances. The Symphony Orchestra, available to students through audition and recommended for those with at least one year in the Philharmonic Orchestra, focuses on advanced playing techniques and concepts. This course includes studying advanced bowing styles, rhythm, left/right-hand techniques, and smaller ensemble settings like string quartets and quintets. Students will learn to demonstrate independent artistic judgment, compare musical genres and styles, and understand the relationship between music and other art forms across different historical periods and cultures. After-school attendance of rehearsals and performances is also required for this advanced ensemble, ensuring students develop a high level of performance skill and musical understanding.

Please see the Curriculum Guide for more information about courses and the school calendar for performances.