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Welcome to LOHS Counseling

Welcome to LOHS Counseling

Our school counseling team empowers students to achieve academic success, personal and social growth, career exploration, community involvement, and a balanced life. We aim to develop the whole student by promoting equity and access through a comprehensive guidance program. We support students in:

  • Academics: "Learning to Learn"
  • Social and Emotional Growth: "Learning to Live"
  • Career Development: "Learning to Work"
  • Community Involvement: "Learning to Contribute"


  • All students can develop skills for academic success, personal growth, positive relationships, career development, and healthy choices.
  • All students deserve equitable treatment and access to opportunities and support.
  • School counseling is vital for enhancing educational outcomes for all students.
  • School counselors design and implement programs to foster student success




Counseling Department
Phone: 503-534-2314
Fax: 503-534-2379

School Counselors

Selena Borne
9th Grade

Adam Johnson
A-Ha 10th - 12th grade

Michele Tyra
He-O 10th - 12th grade

Molly Ferris
P-Z 10th - 12th grade

Student Support Services

Sina Wibstad
School Social Worker

Claire Laansoo
School Social Worker

Nancy Nichols
Re-Engagement Specialist

Alissa Censoni
Intervention Coordinator

Karalee Kyllo
Data Processor / Registrar

Denise Kozlowski
Counseling Secretary

Stevie Alves
College and Career Coordinator